How to install Hedge from Git

This process has been mostly superseded by DevEnvironmentHowto.

You're looking at the generic instructions for installing hedge. You may be able to save a fair bit of work by using these distribution- or machine-specific instructions:

This tutorial will walk you through the process of building hedge. To follow, you need:

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Hedge can take advantage of some extra packages:

To build, follow the instructions below: (Note that bold face indicates the directory for each command.)

  1. Install Boost C++ (version 1.35 or newer)

  2. Place this text in $HOME/

    BOOST_INC_DIR = ['${HOME}/pool/include/boost-1_38/']
    BOOST_LIB_DIR = ['${HOME}/pool/lib']
  3. Follow the instructions on Repo using the manifest hedge.xml.

Compiling with BLAS and LAPACK

{i} This is optional.

Make sure you have a usable installation of BLAS and LAPACK. Use of ATLAS for accelerated BLAS operation is highly recommended. Then add adaptations of the following lines to your $HOME/

BLAS_LIBNAME = ['f77blas','atlas','gfortran']
LAPACK_LIBNAME = ['lapack']

# if necessary:
# BLAS_LIB_DIR = ['/some/where']
# LAPACK_LIB_DIR = ['/some/where']

Note that these modifications should be performed before the final install step. (Otherwise rebuild.) You are using Debian/Ubuntu? To install BLAS and LAPACK try:

sudo aptitude install libatlas-dev liblapack-dev

Compiling with libsilo

{i} This is optional.

Download and compile libsilo from here:

  1. silo-4.7 ./configure --prefix=$HOME/pool --without-readline --without-python --without-hdf5 --disable-silex

    • If the final step above results in the error message 'couldn't find Silo.h' try rerunning this step as: ./configure --prefix=$HOME/pool --disable-silex
  2. silo-4.7 make install

  3. Add the following lines to $HOME/

     SILO_INC_DIR = ['${HOME}/pool/include']
     SILO_LIB_DIR = ['${HOME}/pool/lib']

Do this before the final build step.

Visualizing hedge's Results

Use one of

Problems and Solutions

Using the right Editor

As an ex-Windows user, I edited $HOME/ with openoffice. This can be a bad idea :

So it would be best to stick to Emacs, Vi/Vim, or IDLE.

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgfortran

If you get the following error:

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgfortran

You might try to remove gfortran from your BLAS LIBNAMES:

BLAS_LIBNAME = ['f77blas','atlas']

Getting help with problems

Please sign up for the Hedge/MailingList and ask there.

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