Iterative CUDA

Iterative CUDA has a separate web page.

Building Iterative CUDA

  1. Grab the source code, either directly using git: git clone  or just download a snapshot.

  2. Unpack Metis version 5.0pre2, build it with  make OPTFLAGS="-O2 -fPIC" all 

  3. Download and install the CUDA Toolkit. (You'll need a driver, too, if you want to run on actual hardware. That's not necessary for building, though.) Make sure that nvcc is on your path.

  4. Download and install CMake. (apt-get install cmake-curses-gui or yum install cmake should do the trick.)

  5. Change to the Iterative CUDA source directory and run

    ccmake . 

    • (preferred) or

    cmake -i .  and configure Iterative CUDA. Once configuration succeeds, CMake will report that it has built the necessary Makefiles.

  6. Run make to build Iterative CUDA. If that succeeds, you can try running the sample programs in the example/ directory. Some of them take a MatrixMarket file as an argument.

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