Common Mistakes on HW 10

  1. #10 of section 5.5: Be sure to use the right counting principle.
  2. #18 of section 5.4: Ae careful to not count the wrong sequence. The answer should be C(29,49), not C(30,50)

  3. 6(c) of section 5.4: If you are using Cantor-Bernstein, you should say so.

  4. #33 of section 5.3: Be sure to not leave out the first or last terms when applying the binomial theorem, and also the binomial theorem (1 + x)^n = 1 + nx + \dots holds for all x values. (despite claims to the contrary, it's fine also for negative x)

  5. 'a – b!' and '(a – b)!' are not the same

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