Submission Guidelines for the Final Project

For your final project submission, we will need the following things from you:

If you are submitting as part of a team, please make sure to indicate which team member contributed to which part. As an example, please mark the (submitted, not necessarily presented) slides by the creator's initials. Do the same for sections of your report and source files or individual functions of your code.

Please turn in all the components marked "(due Dec 21)" in a git repository (see below).


Your report should do the following:

Added 12/20: If you include material from outside sources (such as images or passages of text that are copied verbatim), please cite the source of the material, and clearly mark the affected parts.


The main goals of your presentation are the following:

  1. say something interesting
  2. teach the audience something they didn't already know
  3. entertain
  4. impress everyone with your results

That said:

Code release/Git repository

I would like to encourage you to provide the code resulting from your project in open-source form. One convenient way to do that would be to create an account on GitHub and upload your code there. If you do so, please add a README so that others have a way of getting started with your work. There is extra credit to be had if you decide to go down this route. Also be sure to specify a license in your README. When in doubt, the MIT license is a reasonable, liberal default choice.

If you feel like you must keep your code private, please use the following naming convention for your final project repository on forge:

So if you and your teammates have NetIDs abc123 and xyz456, then your repository should be named

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