CS591MH Numerics Seminar at UIUC

Welcome to this semester's edition of CS591MH, the numerics seminar!

If you're officially signed up for the class, you will receive credit for giving a talk. Everyone in the extended sci comp group is welcome to sign up for a talk slot, be it to prepare for a conference talk, a prelim, or a defense, or just for practice/fun. Of all skills that your graduate education can teach you, communicating technical content is perhaps *the* most valuable one, so think twice before missing this opportunity. :)

We are trying to keep the numerics seminar a low-pressure setting in which to receive feedback both on presentation mechanics and the subject matter presented. We strongly prefer if the content you present has a connection with scientific computing. Ideally, your presentation will cover your own research, but if you prefer, you may also speak on work by someone else. In either case, please make sure to clearly label any figures/words that are not your own with a citation.

There will be (roughly) one 25-minute talk every week, with time for questions afterwards. The format is intended to approximate that of talks at SIAM conferences.

Sign-up for talk times is now open at this link

You can change your title over time; it does not have to be final. If you don't know what you'll be talking about, simply say "TBD".

There are also columns relating to "Talk quality assurance". This conveys the expectation that you seek feedback on your talk from a faculty member a week before your presentation. Ideally, this would be your advisor, but if that's not an option, please ask one of the scientific computing faculty to serve in this capacity.

Lastly, we are looking forward to having a fun semester of seminars with you!

Luke and Andreas

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