Date Mon 24 May 2004 Tags madman

More Slackware. SlackCare has also made Slackware packages, which they claim are more correct than Adam’s. Find the link to their packages on the download page.

Email trouble. Some people have complained that they were unable to get anything posted to the mailing list or sent personally to me. I’ll look into this, I’ll let you know right here if I find out what’s causing this.

Bugs in 0.93. As was to be expected, there were a couple of bugs in 0.93. Here’s the list so far:

  • The build system litters system directories with .sconsign files if you let it.
  • The main build script was lacking a comma.
So, nothing horribly broken. And plus, there are bugs in every release. That’s why there’s always the next one. :) [Apologies to Isaac Richards]