Date Tue 11 January 2005 Tags life

I recently got back to Karlsruhe from being home for the holidays. Besides the usual heap of problems waiting for me at my “normal” home, I was pretty surprised how easily you get spoiled again by the amenities of having a mom around (and a dad, to be fair). For the most part, no worries, no need to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner. And especially, somewhere clean to live. As I got back to Karlsruhe, I was struck by how messy and dusty I had left the place before Christmas. (Or did it just get dirty and dusty while I was absent? Who knows.)

So, nearly the entirety of my first evening back in Karlsruhe was spent cleaning up and putting everything back in order, but even yesterday, the second day in, it didn’t quite feel like home. After running a few errands, I felt a strange need to rearrange my room—mostly, move the desk somewhere else and make use of some space that was previously unused. Oddly enough, that fixed my not being comfortable with my home.

I guess that was my reaction to feeling overwhelmed with stuff to do (cleaning)—so to speak, feeling powerless against my room. I had to show it who the man is, who’s wearing the pants, who’s in command. 8)

Sometimes life is so weird.