I’m back from snowboarding! It was great. :D Snowboarding rocks. Even the one ski person we had on the trip had to admit that. }:) We had seriously great weather. Sun during the day, snow during the night, fairly warm, good snow conditions. I don’t know what could’ve been better. 8)

We were at Reiteralm, which is part of a group of four mountains, all of which we could use on our lift ticket. We didn’t even have enough time to explore the area in its entirety. :P There were great spots for boarding through pristine powder, enough forest to go around, a good mixture of runs, with the black (i.e. “difficult”) ones typically being best. Our accomodation was excellent, too, as you can see from the photos. We spent most (but not all) of our nights roleplaying on Kiki’s adventure. My character, Lenelun Lender Le Lenwed (a gnome paladin) almost got killed twice, but he also caused enough damage to have been worth the trouble it took to create him. :)

I made an online photo gallery.