Hi people, greetings from the Flying Pig in Amsterdam. I completed my degree! Did that last Monday at 10:47. (The last exam could have been better—I got a 1.7. But who cares now? }:)) Then, I completed my applications to grad schools in the US. Did I ever mention that most public schools’ application systems suck big rocks through thin straws? I got a rough load of that Monday night. Forms changing my input without being asked to, web servers crashing, “add another” buttons not working… But the applications are mostly done now. Phew!

In order to celebrate my being FINALLY DONE :), Josie and I removed ourselves from everybody else’s reality in Karlsruhe and decided to chill the rest of the week in Amsterdam. Hope y’all are having fun, too. We went out last night, and right now we’re about to seriously see the city by daylight for the first time. Still weird that everybody but us seems to have come for the drugs and the sex. :P

Tot ziens! :D