ARPACK with Autotools

NOTE: This package is no longer maintained. Work on this continues in ARPACK-NG.

This is a distribution of ARPACK, the well-known sparse eigensolver, with a number of changes:

  • the most recent patches from the ARPACK download page applied
  • a nasty, potentially crashing bug fixed
  • the build system replaced by autoconf/automake

Note that ARPACK is not my own work, I am only redistributing a modified version. I contacted Rich Lehoucq years ago with a report of the crash bug, but the fix never showed up on the ARPACK page, so I resorted to distributing my own modified ARPACK package. Since ARPACK continues to be useful for my work, but its rather old-fashioned build system kept getting in my way, I one day decided to replace it with a modernized, autotoolized version, so that it can be built on most machines with just the regular

make install

incantation. Additionally, the new build system makes it trivial to build a shared library of ARPACK. Since there doesn’t seem to be a proper version-numbering scheme at ARPACK’s original site, I’ve also taken the liberty of starting at version 0.90.

The current source tree can be found in my git repository, and downloaded from here. You may also obtain a copy directly by running the command

git clone