boostmpi Python Module

NOTE: I’ve mostly discontinued maintenance of this package. It turns out mpi4py is a far better and more capable MPI wrapper. In the medium to short term, I would suggest switching any code depending on boostmpi to mpi4py.

boostmpi is a high-quality Python wrapper around the Message Passing Interface (MPI). MPI is a standardized interface to libraries such as OpenMPI and MPICH that provide high-performance inter-process communication for distributed-memory computing.

boostmpi uses the Boost.MPI library, which gives MPI a very usable C++ interface. This C++ interface is then made accessible to Python via the Boost.Python library.

boostmpi was originally distributed as part of the Boost C++ library. This separate distribution aims to make the software more accessible.


boostmpi (born as Boost.MPI.Python) is the work of Doug Gregor. I just do maintenance and distribution work around here.


See the boostmpi Documentation.


Having trouble with boostmpi? Just send me an email.


boostmpi may be downloaded from its Python Package Index page or obtained directly from my source code repository by typing

git clone

You may also browse the source.