Putting the “Hard” in “Hardware”

Quite often, I hear complaints that coding for GPUs is difficult. In response to such comments, I believe that, for correct perspective, the discussion needs to be framed somewhat differently.

First of all, squeezing the last drop of performance out of modern CPUs is hard, too. Here’s a nice …

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Fermat’s Last Python Script

def fermat(n):
    """Returns triplets of the form x^n + y^n = z^n.
    Warning! Untested with n > 2.
    from itertools import count
    for x in count(1):
        for y in range(1, x+1):
            for z in range(1, x**n+y**n + 1):
                if x**n + y**n …
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Watch this:

You won’t regret it. :) (PS: Yes, I know it was made by a bunch of Germans, and yes, they misspelled “belief”, but that doesn’t kill it, in my opinion.)

Embarassing Update: I figured out how to embed youtube videos. :)

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