Date Wed 13 July 2005 Tags life

To follow up on the previous post, my laptop did find its way back to life. But unfortunately, only briefly so. It started all the way into X just once, and now seems to be dead forever. In the light of this, I’ve given in and ordered aramiss successor, tentatively named little-bear grizzly. (I was looking for something a bit more manly than little-bear.) :)

In the meantime, the only reliable computer I’ve had is at work, while at home, I first had the apartment server, then my mom’s PC, which I had fortunately begun to build before my laptop died, then my parents’ old PC (a K6-300, yuck!) and now the apartment-server-turned-my-dad’s-PC once again. All these computers have been blessed with kubuntu, which I can recommend as a really sweet piece of engineering. It makes installing a Debian system with non-server-capabilities easier than ever before.

Work is promising to be busy for the rest of my time there, with a bunch of trivial things still to be done, and other, less trivial, but more fun things expected (like a few good pointers on where to take my past thesis work, and someone else in the physics department to bounce ideas off of). Private life will be equally as busy, with

  • a trip to France
  • a trip to Great Britain
  • a farewell party for myself
  • packing & moving to Providence

all lined up.

Unfortunately, all this means that most of my private projects are on hold until everything settles again, which I pretty much do not expect to happen until October or so. Indeed, these are turbulent times.

Update: grizzly has landed on my desk, and thus far, I’m really happy with it. Except for one dead (red) pixel at the top right of my screen. Which doesn’t really matter. :yes: