I’ve just released version 0.91 of TagPy. Besides some minor fixes, the biggest change is that you don’t say any more

tag.setArtist("Fat Boy Slim")

Instead, the (IMO) much more pythonic

tag.artist = "Fat Boy Slim"

is now where it’s at. Reading these attributes (and just these) is also changed from tag.artist() to tag.artist. I repeat, this only affects

  • Tag.title
  • Tag.artist
  • Tag.album
  • Tag.genre
  • Tag.year
  • Tag.track
  • AudioProperties.length
  • AudioProperties.bitrate
  • AudioProperties.sampleRate
  • AudioProperties.channels

Since these are so frequent, I saw a compelling reason to change them. Everything else in the API will remain as close as possible to TagLib’s C++ conventions.

Sorry for the source-incompatible change, it will not happen again.